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Friday, November 18, 2011

On My Way To 1,000 Gifts

1. Knowing that no matter how little money we get down to, God will provide...He has EVERY TIME!
2. A husband who enjoys experimenting with his cooking
3. My students being excited to participate in a lesson
4. Amani running with other dogs
5. Four fun siblings
6. Five generous parents
7. Tap dancing
8. Running 4 miles
9. Shouting our family cheer after a Husker touchdown
10. Ice cream (any flavor) with A LOT of sprinkles
11. Giving
12. Lavender soap in Alpaca fur
13. Owning land in Ecuador
14. Students donating food and money to the homeless
15. 40 Kenyan brothers & sisters
16. Ability to read and comprehend
17. Picking and eating wild berries
18. Squishing beach sand in my hands and between my toes
19. Nephew scoring a touchdown
20. Candle lit dinners
21. Cheese, crackers, & fruit
22. Fondue...every kind
23. Sitting on the couch with CJ, both painting
24. Learning from a puppy to exhibit excitement & energy
25. Learning from an old dog to not rush it
26. Riding fast in a boat
27. Slowly sipping a flavored coffee drink
28. Being trusted to listen at poetry jams
29. Making sushi with CJ
30. Inhaling through my nose
31. Heated blankets
32. Cleaning fish with Ol' Dad
33. Completing an "Insanity" workout
34. Mail
35. Selling my art
36. Waking up early to a new day
37. Telling CJ he is a great teacher
38. Hearing CJ tell me I'm a great teacher
39. Saying aloud, "I am going to be a great wife today"
40. Hearing CJ say, "I am going to be a great husband today"
41. Watching So You Think You Can Dance with friends
42. Smell of fresh cut grass
43. Charlotte Harbor oysters on the grill with family
44. Grandma's Scrapple
45. 360 on a kneeboard
46. Warm towels right out of the dryer
47. Being in an airport
48. Getting the job during the interview
49. Wearing Flower Bomb only on dates with CJ
50. Meeting people as a result of having dreadlocks
51. Making Christmas presents
52. Scallop diving
53. Finding shapes in clouds
54. Feeling compassion
55. Early morning fog on Lake Marion
56. Kids shouting during turtle races
57. Love notes in my lunch box
58. Butterflies fluttering by
59. Staring at decorated Christmas tree
60. Fireworks bursting
61. Sun Salutations
62. Feeling of inspiration and admiration at Riverside Arts Market
63. Walking down Main Street in small towns
64. 1st Anniversary at The Grady House Bed and Breakfast
65. Friends pet-sitting for free
66. Massages
67. Having gratitude
68. Buying at garage sales
69. Rolling snow for first snowman
70. Walking slowly through gardens
71. Thanksgiving dinner at midnight
72. Looking at friend's wedding photos
73. Everything about being married
74. Chocolate covered frozen bananas w/ sprinkles for .25
75. Hiking through cloud forest in Ecuador
76. Tickets to watch Husker bowl game with my family
77. Being wide awake when the alarm goes off
78. Meeting neat people...who then want to stay in contact
79. Free events to sell homemade art at
80. Long, deep breathes outside on cool, crisp morning
81. Anticipation of enjoying one chocolate a day out of the Nativity Calendar
82. Juicy, sweet fruit
83. Early Christmas presents
84. Late Christmas presents
85. Magnets hanging important things on the refrigerator
86. Electricity
87. Keeping the air/heat off
88. Putting aside money every two weeks for next Ecuador trip
89. Sitting at a table with loved ones to eat a meal together
90. Free passes for yoga class
91. Parallel parking successfully on the first try
92. Green lights
93. Sunshine
94. Moon light
95. Cameras capturing memories
96. Finding money I didn't know I had
97. Amani following commands
98. A good book in my purse
99. Computers
100. Rain stopping right before an event outdoors

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